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We shop and compare so you don't have to

We represent multiple A rated insurance providers

We work on your behalf to find the best coverage

We go to bat for you if and when you have a claim

Replacement cost, Functional Replacement Cost, ACV or A Flat coverage (Flat has no co-insurance).

  • Air BNB
    • Liability coverage if renter(s) or renter(s) visitors are injured on premises
    • Coverage for theft of personal property by renter(s)
    • Damage to personal property caused by renter(s)
    • Coverage for damage to someone else’s property caused by renter(s)
    • Damage to the home caused by renter(s)
  • Multiple locations, multiple LLC’s, S-Corps  on the same policy
  • Renovation & or/ vacant
  • Flat Roof
  • Airbnb – A-OK
  • Pool?  Trampoline? OK
  • Discounts for recently renovated (wiring, plumbing, heating, & roof), discounts for leases w/ tenant policy

Honestly, we seem to have both ends of the market place currently covered. Older homes needing work, larger new builds and everything in-between. Our approach is always full disclosure to the insurance carrier, which provides for no wiggle room at claim time. Many times, we find and replace policies that are not clearly disclosed, potentially leading to claim settlement issues. Especially on larger claims. Get the coverage you are paying for, call, text, email us today.

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