AirBnB & VRBO Gaps and Issues With Insurance

AirBnB & VRBO Gaps and Issues With Insurance

Topic today, Airbnb/VRBO insurance or Airbnb VRBO. Vacation rentals, home rentals, why is that policy any different than your regular homeowners insurance policy?

Your typical homeowners policy across the entire United States covers your personal liability, your family’s personal liability that resides in that household. Has nothing to do with business insurance, has nothing to do with business liability and when you rent your home under Airbnb or VRBO and the switch, you are conducting business. Insurance companies, if you had a loss, would apply that exclusion undoubtedly.

So you could be facing large losses in terms of your property, your home, or you could be facing a large loss in terms of your liability exposure, not being covered, when you go to submit a claim. So Geico insurance, we do not use, State Farm Insurance, we do not use or represent, however, our agency represents Progressive, Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, New York Central Mutual, about 17 different insurance companies, many of which do insurance for airbnb’s.

We can handle that insurance properly for you and make sure you have the right coverage. If something catastrophic happens. So again, Dave Evans, Hopmeier Evans and Gage Insurance, where the wrong coverage is never a bargain. So give us a call, chat with us online, download our app, send us a text, give us a phone call or even stopped in. We can talk to you and explain why you need that coverage and process that coverage right online for you.

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