Bait and Switch- Everything You Need to Know!

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We have all experienced the “bait and switch” technique used by sneaky salespeople. You can probably provide many examples of you being attracted to an advertisement that promised bigger, better, and cheaper products, but when ordered it is nothing like what was advertised.

New Law UPDATE NYS -Senate June 2023

How does this apply to insurance? Well, many internet companies EVEN some local agents will provide you with a drop-dead great quote. You get excited and say “Great sign me up!” The next step is you scrape up your needed down payment and sign lots of forms. Two weeks later you receive your awaited package in the mail (starting to see the similarity from the first story?) You open it up and see the GREAT drop dead rate you expected is not there. Where did it go? What happened to that great low rate? In fact, the new company is now charging you MORE than you were paying with your old insurance company. You then look through all your paperwork, find the name of the person you spoke to or the person you emailed for the policy, you call them only to be told that they only handle the sales portion of the insurance purchasing process and they cannot assist you on policy service but they can transfer you to someone who can help. You sit on hold for 10 minutes waiting for someone to pick up, the new person picks up and tells you some sideways story of how they made a mistake on the quote and the policy received in the mail is now the correct price and the quote that was originally given was wrong.

So now you ask yourself “What do I do?, they have my down payment, I canceled my old policy. I guess I am staying here for a while. I don’t have the $$ now for a  new down payment.  I guess this “save 15% in 15 minutes company” wins and keeps my policy even though I might be paying more now than I was before. Oh, what about my coverage?  If they lied about my quote, did they change my coverage too? Do I  have the same coverage?  I  bet they will tell me at claim time, I  don’t have the right coverage”.

The only thing I am left with is a lesson – that you get what you pay for normally, and working with the same person that sells a policy and continues to be there for me is KEY. Sounds like this is wisdom that every generation learns.

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