COVID-19, One Year Later

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So it’s been a long year. In fact, I was reflecting a little bit today and it was almost exactly a year ago when I started making our first videos concerning COVID, and the threats that we had to our businesses, our families and ourselves from a health standpoint and a financial standpoint.

So a couple quick recaps, one- I wanted to be thankful for having our business open for the entire year, our clients or to be clients or clients with claims, none of them were affected with our staff being shut down working from home or working in the office. Our office remained open essentially. Our phones are always live, our computers are live our staff was live either working at home or in the office doing our normal job for you providing the service and the care and the expertise related to your insurance.

The areas of concern I still have for businesses, specifically locally, would be one the auto coverage or the lack of coverage or potential gaps with some businesses still delivering their products, whether its food or liquor from bars or liquor stores, delivery is not automatically covered on business policies. I talked about this last March. Please give us a call. We can help you review your policy to make sure the delivery of your product can be covered on your policy or how we can find coverage for that exposure. Auto accident exposures or risks are extremely high. They’re large claim settlements and they need to be addressed and not ignored because insurance companies will enact those exclusions at claim time if you don’t have the coverage, so please give us a call.

Number two would be the Cyber liability or cyber exposure, cyberattacks hacking has never been so prevalent, and so active and it’s active and even on small businesses these days with remote working. It’s allowed hackers many ways to exploit your open architecture and to gain access to your network. So if you don’t have a cyber liability policy, give our office a call you have a duty to protect your clients personal private information.

COVID is still impacting the insurance industry one year later, so please give our office a call to make sure you are properly covered!

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