Discounts/ Bait and Switch- You Could be Missing Coverages!

New Law UPDATE NYS -Senate June 2023

Insurance companies, insurance agents, and brokers online over the phone, wherever, the old practice is if they can’t help you on the price, if their product is priced more than your current product, they start stripping away coverages. And when I say stripping away coverages, what I mean, often, not always, often, they will reduce coverages you will not notice. And you won’t notice it today when you see the quote. You won’t probably notice when you get your policy. However, when you will notice it is when you submit for a claim and the claim department says, “Wish we could, but that coverage is not on your policy. You have no water backup coverage for your basement sump pump. You have no personal injury coverage for your liability.” Often, very often, uninsured motorist or no-fault coverage is reduced dramatically as well.

These are coverages that the average consumer just don’t look at. They look at the total premium. They look at the comprehensive and collision deductible. They look to see if all the vehicles are on the policy, and that’s it. They don’t look to see what discounts are being applied. They don’t look to see if they have the mileage to and from work correct. There’s all kinds of potential errors or potential ways or hacks, cheats, that insurance companies or brokers unscrupulously alter the premium. And it’s not right, because who pays the price is you at claim time.

So give us a call. We’ll look over your policy. We’ll help educate you. And that’s all we want, is a educated consumer that has somebody to call and ask questions to. That’s what we do. We are agents and brokers, and we are here for you. Call us, text us, download our app. Check us out online. Check out our reviews. We’ve been doing it for a long time and we enjoy helping people for the right reasons.

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