Flood Insurance Rates: HUGE Changes!

Flood Insurance Rates: HUGE Changes!

FEMA has revamped their flood insurance product with the new Risk Rating 2.0! This is the first time since about 1970 FEMA has updated their flood product, which changes the rating factors to more accurately rate homes susceptible to flooding.

These rating factors include- using replacement cost of the home, rather than a set, maximum limit. using distance from flooding source, rather than just flood zone, and construction type, such has brick vs siding.

Another huge factor is claims! FEMA is looking back 20 years for claims history.

The rating beings October 1st 2021 and existing FEMA renewals will begin to see changes in 2022.

The new risk rating may have people rethinking their move to the coast.

Give Todd a call to learn more about the new Risk Rating 2.0 with FEMA!

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