Have Property in an LLC, CCorp, SCorp or Trust?

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A common problem we see unfortunately, with new customers, they have a policy, it’s in their own personal name and they saw an attorney six years ago, three years ago, six months ago and they paid for some legal advice and they transfer their property into a trust an LLC, an S Corp and they forgot to call their insurance agent to change the policy. There’s legal reasons, all the reasons that your attorney properly guided you for setting up an LLC or an S Corp or C Corp or a trust, are very valid. I’ll let them handle that. When it comes to insurance, insurance should match your policy, the name on your policy should match who owns that property and it’s no longer you if it’s an LLC. It does take time to review those details. Details are so important because those details matter, those details do matter at claim time. So we can help you with this. Give us a call. We love to chat with you. We would love to talk about your different LLC’s how they are accounted for on your different insurance policies.


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