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So, how is our agency set up and how does it operate and how does that benefit you? We represent over 17 of the major insurance companies out there in the marketplace, everybody from Allstate Insurance to Safeco, Liberty, Mutual Insurance, Progressive Insurance, Hartford Insurance, Travelers Insurance, not Geico Insurance, not State Farm Insurance, but many other carriers insurance companies, we represent. All the carriers that you hear about advertise constantly on the radio, we represent. So what that does for you and how that empowers You, is that we, Hopmeier Evans and Gage, bring you choice.

Choice of coverage, choice of discounts and choice of insurance carrier. Not all insurance carriers are the same, not all insurance carriers offer the same coverages, not all clients are required to have the same coverages or not all clients have the need for the same coverages.

So, all the different insurance companies we represent allow us to have the tools to help provide you with the right insurance coverage at the right price but all the available discounts. So again, Hopmeier Evans and Gage Insurance brings you choice, and choice is a powerful powerful thing because the insurance company that is right for you today, may not be the insurance company that’s right for you and say, two years after you make that major addition on your own.

How do we accomplish getting you the right insurance company each and every year? We have annual reviews, which is far different than most insurance companies out there. We actually give you a call. We send you an email or a text, and we want to speak to you on the phone to review your current insurance needs. It’s not about us, it’s about you, it’s very important and it’s our belief, it’s our one of our core beliefs, that you have the right coverage at the time of claim.

Again, our tagline the wrong coverage is never a bargain. And when you think about that, it’s not always about saving 10% on your insurance, it’s about having the right coverage when you are against the wall and you need the insurance company to protect you and provide some legal guidance.

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