Things to know about Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

It’s starting to get warmer out and you know what that means, boat season!! Owning a boat can be rewarding but make sure you are taking care of all the necessary requirements involved in this adventure. Having the proper insurance is very important and here are somethings you should know about boat insurance.

Various types of boat liability insurance coverage exist.

There is medical payment coverage (hospital bills related to a boating accident) and personal liability coverage (property damage and legal bills related to a boating accident)

Don’t overlook insurance coverage, actually get boat insurance. Your homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover your boat that has a motor or engine. Boat policies can be somewhat similar to automobile insurance policies. This includes coverage for theft, storm, fires capsizing and collision. Great coverage will handle any and all of these.

Every boat owner needs physical coverage which covers the boats actual tangible equipment including the trailer, motor and any other property you own that pertains to the boat.

You can add on specific coverage if you wanted to. Boat insurance policies do not include everything you need, you CAN add on specific coverage. This includes umbrella insurance coverage and reasonable repairs coverage.

If you have a boat and want to make sure you are getting the correct and all coverage please give us a call at Hopmeier Evans Gage Insurance and talk with your local agents today! (518)377-7414


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