New Auto Insurance Rule: Spousal Liability

In New York, car insurance has a NEW rule called “spousal liability.” NEW required coverage is now required to be added to your auto policy.

Yes, even if you are single and if you do not want it. Some insurance companies will allow to remove this coverage and lower your bill by approximately $40 per year per car.

Here’s what it means: Imagine you and your spouse are driving. If one of you causes an accident and the other gets hurt, the injured person can claim money from the insurance to cover medical costs or car repairs. It’s a bit like if you accidentally damage your roommate’s stuff; they’d expect you to help fix or replace it. While some states might say, “Hey, you’re family, so no claiming insurance from each other,” New York believes everyone should be covered, even if a family member caused the accident. If you’re unsure about insurance, always ask someone knowledgeable or read your policy carefully

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