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If you're an Uber or Lyft driver in New York, having the proper car insurance when driving for Uber or Lyft is extremely important! Our team will help you review your options so you can secure the correct type of policy to keep your vehicle protected while you drive.

Is Your Ride Share Car Properly Insured?

Did you know your insurance coverage changes when you are en route with a passenger versus when you are waiting to get a ride? A huge insurance gap can exist when the driver is on the app but awaiting a passenger match. Transportation Network Companies do provide some coverage in this gap, but that coverage is minimal liability and does not cover personal injury or damage to your vehicle. To stay protected full-time, it is smart to get a policy that will fill in this gap and can provide proper coverage. Find out more in our video below.

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Uber and Lyft Driver Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   How do I become a rideshare driver?

A.   You can apply online to both, Uber – www.uber.com or Lyft – www.lyft.com if available in your area.

Q.   Are there requirements to drive for a rideshare company?

A.   Yes.  Both Uber and Lyft require a person to be 21 years of age or older and posses a valid driver’s license with at least 3 years driving experience, if you are under 23 years of age.  You must undergo a DMV check along with a National and county criminal background check which requires you to have a valid social security number. 

Q.   Are there vehicle requirements?

A.   Yes.  UberX requires a vehicle that is 10 years old or newer.  Must have 4 doors (no jump doors), must sit four passengers (excluding you, the driver) and have seat belts available for all passengers. UberX is not the only vehicle level, it is the most requested but there are other levels that may be available to drive under.  You can visit uber.com to find out more.  You can also visit Lyft.com to find out their requirements, if available in your area.

Q.   Does my personal auto plan cover my vehicle if involved in an accident while participating in a rideshare program?

THE ANSWER IS NO! A personal auto package covers your personal auto which is used for personal reasons such as pleasure use or commuting back and forth to work.  Personal auto policies exclude vehicles used as a public or livery conveyance (kind of like a taxi or limousine usage) for passengers and this is stated right in your personal auto package.

Q. Do I really need a rideshare policy? Or a rideshare endorsement (if offered through your carrier)?

A. Without a rideshare policy, you could find yourself being dropped by your private auto insurance company if they find out you are using your personal auto commercially, leaving you with no insurance at all and if that happens, you could find yourself paying higher premiums if you have to be rewritten because of it. 

Not only could you find yourself being dropped from your private auto insurance company but you could be stuck paying out of pocket for 100% of the repairs if you are at fault in an accident.  If there is a liability claim included in that accident, the coverage through the rideshare company is limited and you could find yourself in a lawsuit without any legal help or help in paying the amount you are being sued for.

Q. Does a rideshare program, such as Lyft or Uber; offer any insurance coverage for their drivers?

A. When driving for companies like Lyft or Uber the driving activities are broken into separate periods. You can have gaps in insurance coverage if you are not actively driving a passenger to their destination. Our insurance agents understand the complexities of this coverage and can help you be prepared with a solid policy.

*Contingent meaning you would have to submit to your private auto insurance first and when denied Uber or Lyft will provide up to the limits they offer or cover repairs but with high deductibles.

If  you're an Uber or Lyft driver and looking for car insurance, get the process started now and get an online quote!

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