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Today’s discussion, red cars. Are they more expensive to insure?


Red cars, honestly, they are not more expensive to insure. They are not. In fact, we never ask the question of the color of your car when we are getting your quotes together, with all of our different insurance companies that will quote your policy with. Redd cars are not more expensive to insure.

However, sports cars, pickup trucks, SUVs and Tesla’s- electric cars, are all more expensive to insure and really for the same reason, the cost to repair. The monitoring systems in these cars today and especially the higher price cars with other sensors and or batteries in the Tesla’s, the cost of repair is driven up dramatically and what also drives up the premium is location of repair or location of driving. So if you’re driving in Connecticut and have to get your vehicle repaired in Connecticut, after a crash, that’s far more expensive to get your vehicle repaired than in Upstate New York. So those are the drivers of the premiums on your insurance policy for your auto policy. It’s not the red car that you have or want to buy. So by the color car that you want.

The real question will be, or is for people, how do I lower my premium? And there are all different ways to lower the premium. And the best way to start is talking to a real agent like us here at Hopmeier Evans and Gage We want to talk to you on the phone, explain the differences to you and educate you about your discounts that are available and there are a lot of discounts. Pay in full, you can pay for your policy for six months on your credit card, and get your airline points and save 10% on your insurance. Defensive driving course, 10% on your insurance for three years. Automatic monthly payments that come out of your checking account or on your credit card, that can save you five percent. Home and auto bundling or bundling your auto insurance policy with your renters insurance policy can save you a tremendous amounts of money.

So give us a call. We’ll walk you through those questions. And there are a lot of those questions and that’s where you want to spend the time to make sure you’re getting all your discounts you’re entitled to. And we want that to happen.

Text or call (518) 377-7414, or you can download our Agent App to communicate to us 24 hours a day. We are here and we are here to speak to you and you can speak to us with today’s technology. That’s the best part of it. We can do applications by email and texting. We make it easy to have a real person to speak to and that’s really what people should be talking about. How do I get a real person that can understand what I need, how I need it, how fast they need it.

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