The Impact of a Government Shutdown on Home Closings and Flood Insurance

Whenever there’s talk of a government shutdown, the immediate concerns usually revolve around federal workers’ paychecks and potential delays in public services. However, a less-discussed but equally important issue is the ripple effect it can have on homebuyers and homeowners alike. Let’s delve into the potential implications of a government shutdown on home closings that require flood insurance.

The Significance of Flood Insurance in Home Closings

On average, there are about 1,400 home closings every day that necessitate flood insurance. For many of these properties, being in a flood-prone zone can drastically affect their market value. Buyers and sellers alike need to ensure they’re protected from potential damages, and that’s where flood insurance comes into play. Obtaining such insurance is not just a wise move; in many cases, it’s mandatory for securing a mortgage.

The Link Between Government Operations and Flood Insurance

The federal government plays an integral role in flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), NFIP offers insurance to homeowners, renters, and businesses in participating communities. So, if the government shuts down, the gears that power this machine come to a halt.

What Happens to Home Closings?

If the government is shut down, a domino effect is set into motion:

  • Flood insurance policies through the NFIP cannot be issued or renewed.
  • Without the necessary flood insurance in place, many mortgage lenders will refuse to close on homes.
  • Consequently, those 1,400 potential home closings per day grind to a stop, which affects not only the buyers and sellers but also real estate agents, brokers, lenders, and a plethora of other professionals and entities that thrive on the home-selling ecosystem.

However, there’s a silver lining.

Alternative Flood Insurance Options

At Hopemeir Evans Gage, we understand the significance of flood insurance in the real estate industry. This is why, as agents and brokers, we don’t solely rely on the NFIP. We also access private flood insurance through many esteemed insurance companies, including Johnson and Johnson, AON, Hartford, and Neptune.

These private flood insurance options often provide a range of benefits over the traditional NFIP. For instance:

  • They can offer flood insurance coverage at much lower premiums.
  • They often come with added built-in coverages that provide enhanced protection for homeowners.

Therefore, while the government shutdown might hinder processes linked to the NFIP, our clients have the advantage of exploring alternative flood insurance options that can facilitate uninterrupted home closings.

The Claims Limbo

For those who’ve already faced flood-related damages and are awaiting insurance payouts, a government shutdown spells further disaster. If they’ve submitted claims and expect compensation, they’re in for an unpleasant surprise. The processing of prior agreed claim payments will stall, leaving many claimants in limbo. For those relying on these funds to rebuild, repair, or even relocate, this can be a devastating setback.


The interconnectedness of our systems means that a government shutdown has far-reaching consequences. While we often consider its direct impacts, we must also consider broader implications, like its effect on home ownership. Thankfully, with agencies like Hopmeier Evans Gage, there are alternative solutions that can bridge the gap and ensure that homeowners and homebuyers remain protected, regardless of political tussles.

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