Why You Need a Local Agent!

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Why do you need an agent or broker on your side? In my world, it just seems so simple in terms of the value that we add to the relationship. We as our agency, Hopmeier Evans and Gage, we participate in the management of your insurance, whether it’s home insurance, auto insurance, commercial insurance, Workers’ Compensation, life insurance. Often we find clients that leave and go online or point and click or 1-800, all different ways to buy insurance these days, they are missing that relationship. And the relationship allows you to make a phone call and have one point of contact, one person on a consistent basis.

Having that personal point of contact to communicate with you, to get all your insurance needs, questions, claims, new cars, answered in one convenient method. Or through our app you can contact us then we can get you back on the phone or text you back and forth. But you have the same person. And that’s my point, the same person. Because what happens and the reason for this video, we received a non-renewal on a customer that we’ve had for three or four years and over those three or four years, they’ve had five claims specifically in the last three year period.

The insurance company issued a non-renewal or cancellation or a letter stating in a nice legal way, find insurance elsewhere, we don’t like this relationship. Now the total claim payout was very small, but there were five claims in close to four years and the claims, two of them were actually denied and they cancels the claim believe it or not. There was no coverage for what they called in on. And the other two claims were 125 or $175 more than their a $1,000 deductible. Non-renewal cancellation goes out to the customer.

Then we have to find a new company. And the reason that that went out to the customer, that those claims were documented by the insurance company, was the client called directly without involving Todd, Angela, Dave, Linda, Alyssa, Brianna or Michelle in the office for some guidance. Sometimes we can talk you through this claim process, let you get some estimates and figure out if that water back up in your basement, do you have coverage for it or not? Because if you don’t have coverage for it, you may not want to submit it to get the formal denial. That choice is up to you always. However, when you submit a claim that ends up being a $125 more than your deductible, it really doesn’t make sense to have that on your insurance record. What makes sense to have on your insurance record is the large claim. A tree falls on your home and causes 5,000 of damage, small kitchen fire, entire house fire. We’ve seen it all and you’d be want to be there for you. We want to be there for you to offer the guidance.

That’s how I’m attempting to answer the question, why you need an agent in your insurance relationship. It’s just so vitally important. Give us a call. We’re happy to answer your questions. Whether the insurance policy is written through our agency or not, we are there to answer your questions. Download our app, check us out online and see our reviews, send us an email, send us a text, give us an old fashioned phone call or stop in and see us. All different ways to get a hold of us here and the same person each and every time.

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