Why You NEED an Umbrella Policy!

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So if you injure somebody and they bring suit against you and the court says they’re entitled to 1.2 million dollars of payment from you for your actions where you going to get that coverage? You’re going to get 300,000 from your home policy and then that’s maxed out. Where do you get the rest? Be prepared to take out your checkbook! One way to avoid having to take out your checkbook is to get a personal umbrella policy!  

So it works the same way above your auto or above your boat. Umbrella policies are a crazy crazy good buy. Average umbrella policies are around $200-$250 per year, for an additional million dollars of coverage over your auto, over your home, over your boat, over your motorcycle, etc.

Umbrella policies are a no brainer, give us a call today for your umbrella policy


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