“Dial 0 to Talk to a Customer Service Representative”

COVID-19 Info

The issue I’m wanting to talk about was you call an 800 number trying to get an answer to your problem or resolve a question, or simply pay a bill or to find out how come something isn’t what they promised. and what do you get? You get a voicemail at first or message that says, “please hold call times are longer than expected due to its Monday” due to, it’s Wednesday, due to covid. Just always, and then you listen to the options and they say their messages have changed, please continue to listen to all the options. So you listen to all the options. You listen to one, two, three, four, five and they never quite get to the reason you’re calling. So you hit repeat and they repeat the menu and then frantically, at least I, start pushing 9, 0, star trying to get someone on the phone.

So hopefully you’re feeling the frustration and you’ve all had been through that and one thing and I can promise you when you call Hopmeier Evans Gage Insurance, you will not get that, you’ll get a real person. A live person right here in our office. Or during covid working from home, but you get a real person and you get the same person. We have a great team here and they look forward to helping each and every one of our clients and even our to-be clients. So tell your friends and family, you are not just a number here. We take all of our clients and we hold ourselves accountable for their insurance needs.

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