Homeowners Coverage Needed

AirBnB & VRBO Gaps and Issues With Insurance

AirBnB & VRBO Gaps and Issues With Insurance

Topic today, Airbnb/VRBO insurance or Airbnb VRBO. Vacation rentals, home rentals, why is that policy any different than your regular homeowners insurance policy? Your typical homeowners policy across the entire United States covers your personal liability, your family’s personal liability that resides in that household. Has nothing to do with business insurance, has nothing to […]

Tree Removal- Is it Covered?

When a tree falls in your yard due to a bad storm, do you have coverage for the removal of that tree under your homeowners policy? The answer is — it depends. If the tree falls due to wind and damages your house, garage, outbuilding, fence, pool, etc OR blocks access points in/out of your […]

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