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Red Cars and Insurance..

Red Cars and Insurance..

  Today’s discussion, red cars. Are they more expensive to insure?   Red cars, honestly, they are not more expensive to insure. They are not. In fact, we never ask the question of the color of your car when we are getting your quotes together, with all of our different insurance companies that will quote […]

Why Did My Auto Insurance Rate Go Up? Todd is Here to Explain Why!

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Just like home policies, rate increases do happen on auto policies! Let me explain why: General rate increases. Accidents/tickets/claims- If you have an accident or claim in the middle of your policy term, the may surcharge for that on renewal. Incidents- Bad stuff happening around you can even affect your premium Your age- As you […]

Preventing Distracted Driving Accidents

Stop Texting and Driving

April is National Distracted Driver Awareness Month.  Distracted driving is doing anything that takes your attention away from the task of driving. Any time your mind and/or eyes are taken from the road, you’re technically distracted, which means an increase in the risk of an accident. Snap chatting, changing the music, eating your ice cream- […]

5 Reasons your auto insurance may be rising in cost

Auto Insurance Cost

Does it seem like auto insurance has been rising in Schenectady, New York in recent years? It likely has.  Since 2014 the U.S has seen more new cars on the road and those cars are driving more miles than past years.  The severity of traffic-related accidents have grown worse, and insurance claims for bodily injury […]

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