Ways to Keep your Identity Safe

Identity Theft

The Equifax data breach and other security risks have pretty much forced us consumers to take the sole guardian for ourselves in securing our most sensitive information. It has always been a good idea to monitor your finances, credit reports and other personal information because of identity theft and the hassle it is. The Equifax […]

Volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers credit

Volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers credit

Volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers are entitled to claim this credit if you: Were an active volunteer firefighter or volunteer ambulance worker for all of the tax year Were a resident of New York State for all of the tax year Note: You cannot claim this credit if you received a real property tax exemption […]

Pet insurance, Is it worth it?

Pet insurance, Is it worth it?

YES! You never know when the unexpected will happen, especially when you thought your furry friend was healthy and suddenly things change. If you don’t have pet insurance when this happens the current problem will not be covered if you suddenly get the insurance because it is a pre-existing condition.  Getting pet insurance when the […]

Preparing and surviving Natural Disasters

Natural Disaster

Getting engaged and being prepared today for what may happen tomorrow.  Only by making certain we as individuals are prepared for a disaster, will we be able to ensure the safety of our families and assist our communities. Earthquakes All 50 states in the United States and 5 U.S territories are at some risk for earthquakes. They […]

Freeze the thief and keep your identity

Save Your Identity

Protecting your identity now a days seems like its becoming more difficult.  More technology sometimes means more trouble, as much as we love it we also hate it!  There are many ways identity theft can happen: I am going to share some tips on being careful and how to avoid it as much as possible. […]

Nine things in the Capital Region to do during Summertime

Local Lake

Water and Amusement parks are just some perks of summer and nice weather.  Who doesn’t love a good waterslide or even a nice relaxing lazy river?  The capital region has a couple different places to chose from to cool off, and even more places to enjoy summer days.  Here are a few suggestions: One that […]

Local Agent helping Local Fire Department win $5,000 toward Protective Safety Equipment

Wright FD

Left to Right: Dave Evans (Hopmeier-Evans-Gage Agency), Karl Remmers (Fire Commissioner), Bob Muller (Chairman of the Board of Commissioners), Lisa Boomhower (Fire Commissioner), John Fleury (Safety Group Manager), Michael Boomhower (Gallupville Fire Chief), and Keith Cross (Gallupville First Assitant Chief)   Safety Group 497: 2017 Public Entity Safety Initiative Grant Winners Announced NYS Public Entities […]

5 Reasons your auto insurance may be rising in cost

Auto Insurance Cost

Does it seem like auto insurance has been rising in Schenectady, New York in recent years? It likely has.  Since 2014 the U.S has seen more new cars on the road and those cars are driving more miles than past years.  The severity of traffic-related accidents have grown worse, and insurance claims for bodily injury […]

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