With New Technology, There are Many Ways to Contact us!

We have a method for any way you want to contact us! That includes: Phone- (518) 377-7414, includes after hours and emergency numbers! Emails: Dave@yourownagent.com, Angela@yourownagent.com, Michelle@yourownagent.com, Todd@yourownagent.com, Brianna@yourownagent.com, Linda@yourownagent.com and Alyssa@yourownagent.com Mobile App-Immediate access for service requests, billing and much more for your insurance policies! Text- (518) 992-3805. Send us messages or documents! Fax- […]

Tree Removal- Is it Covered?

When a tree falls in your yard due to a bad storm, do you have coverage for the removal of that tree under your homeowners policy? The answer is — it depends. If the tree falls due to wind and damages your house, garage, outbuilding, fence, pool, etc OR blocks access points in/out of your […]

Be Alert! Stop Fraud Now!

Be aware of the steps you need to take to avoid a security breach on your home network! Use the highest security settings on your router and turn on encryption to make it harder for cyber criminals to get access. Change default passwords on devices that connect to your network, such as a router, smart […]

Hopmeier Evans Gage Agency Highway Cleanup September 2020

Hopmeier Evans Gage Agency Highway Cleanup September 2020

        Hopmeier Evans Gage Agency was out bright and early for highway cleanup in Schenectady NY! We love to give back to our community and have been volunteering for highway cleanup for 8 years now!   #Hopmeierhighwaycleanup #Adoptahighway #Localagentspicking #Hopmeiergivesback

Are You Being Treated Like Family?

COVID-19 Info

Family owned insurance agency treats you like family. We guide you through the insurance maze of coverage options and discounts. What is right for you ? We do not know yet is the honest answer. We will know after we ask you a few questions to determine your coverage needs. Then we will give you […]

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