Why Are My Rates Increasing?

New York State insurance rates will be rising. Yes, that is unhappy news for all, even insurance companies.     NYS insurance companies have two ways to increase their insurance rates. Flex rate maximum of 5% per year. Approval…

Red Cars and Insurance..

  Today’s discussion, red cars. Are they more expensive to insure?   Red cars, honestly, they are not more expensive to insure. They are not. In fact, we never ask the question of the color of your car when we…

NYS Defensive Driving with Alyssa!

(Click to enlarge) Alyssa is here to help you save money on your auto insurance and reduce points on your license! Alyssa is currently holding virtual and limited in-person classes. Give our office a call for more details!

Why Private Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is complicated! Dave is here to explain the main differences in Private Flood insurance VS the National Flood Insurance Program. Hopmeier Evans Gage is here to help figure out which option is best for you!